Thursday, September 30, 2010

A family party ~ baby shower coming up this weekend

Depending on your personal role, baby showers can be fun, entertaining, or lots of work. We are going to help get food ready for the couple's shower being given to our darling daughter's brother and sister -n- law. Her dh's brother is working in Alaska for a local company, and they moved to Anchorage back in June. Not so long, but since I still haven't figured out how to Skype, my dh and daughter both tell me all I have to do is turn on the camera, but I've been so tired this summer.(heat, heat, and more heat) Anyway, it seems lots longer since I saw them. Especially as they are expecting their first child.

Last I heard, there were more than 60 folks coming to the shower, lots of family members + friends, so even if I'm just chopping celery for the chicken salad sandwiches...(don't know what we are making) they'll appreciate an extra set of hands. Livvie and Jen will be there too, so part of the time may be just my regular Friday with Livvie, which will also be fine with me. Son in law was supposed to get the pinata today, I bought some of the candy for it yesterday. There will be lots of kids at the party too. So, this is a really exciting event, and as usual my imagination has been working overtime.

It seems like a lifetime since I had my baby shower for Jen, and it was 30+ years ago, so a few years short of half of my life. Just about 3 years ago this sister in law and her sister gave Jen's baby shower for Olivia. A blink of time...

At that shower we played two games that were partly gross, but mostly fun so here are quick directions for them. Who knows who may be planning a baby shower out there.

First, was the name the baby food game. The plastic containers of baby food were passed around, and we got to guess, taste if we wished, then write down the veggies each of the numbered containers contained. It wasn't as easy as you might think, as many of the foods contain blends of fruits and veggies....

If tasting baby food doesn't seem all that bad, this one was fun but definitely gross. I wished I'd thought to take pictures of the contestants gently sniffing the diapers. In about 8  diapers, the hostesses put a different  fun size chocolate candy bar. (think Baby Ruth, Milky Way, Snickers) Then they stuck them in the microwave for about 20 seconds. Just enough to melt the candy into a glob. The diapers also had a number on them, and we had a list of candy used and had to figure out which was which. Not telling who, and it wasn't anyone I'm related to thank heaven, one of Jen's friends stuck a finger into one glob and then tasted it.... she didn't win, but we all teased her about it!  This game was much harder than the one with the baby food. Many of the candy bars look a lot alike when they are semi melted!  Wonder if we'll play that on Saturday?


Julia said...

Wow, that's what I call a baby shower. 60 people, that's almost enough people to fill a church hall. I'll be waiting for photos. Don't work too hard in that heat. It warmer than normal here too and were having rain all week with a bit of sunshine now and then. JB

Farm Girl said...

Oh my gosh, I can't believe you did that, I have never played those games at a baby shower. I might have to try it, ***laughing evilly and rubbing hands***
You will have so much fun and it will be a nice weekend. I am like you so tired of heat. I was looking at a weather site and Houston and Bakersfield where I live are in the same weather line. We just have heat until November. :)
I have a big family birthday party on Sunday, so it could just be a fun weekend.
Don't get too tired. :)