Monday, March 31, 2008

Tags Old and New Meanings of words...

In the "old days" tags were little piece of scratchy cloth sewn in as a label to tell about product care or the brand name of items. Now-a-days a tag is a great way to find connections with others of similar interests. Tags are a search term, or of course can be lovely awards from a friend.

I was actually tagged twice today. The first tag I knew about was from my friend Debbie, of Simple Country Blessings, and it is a question to be answered. "How did you decide on your business name?" Cottoneyedjo Cotton Eyed Jo is how I signed the most recent wedding quilt given as a gift. The quilt was a TX version of one of my favorite quilt patterns that combines a star block and a snowball block. It is usually called Tennessee Waltz. But this quilt was made for a TX couple and filled with bluebonnet fabrics. So I renamed it, "Texas Two Step" Now if you are familiar with this popular dance, you probably also know the song "Cotton Eyed Joe". Since my nickname is Jo, I LOVE Cotton(wool, chenille,etc) it was a natural. My ebay user name is also well deserved. Over there I'm known as swimminginfabric! If you saw my sewing room, (and you won't!) you might agree with one of my quilting bee members who said, I really should have called myself drowninginfabric! LOL I truly have a TX sized stash!

My second tag was from another dear friend, and the only commenter at my blog so far. Betty of PrimitiveBettys. ;) She is the leader of our PRHG group on ebay, a prolific creative spirit, and one of the most generous hearts, I've ever encountered. She gave me a "you make my day tag", which I discovered when reading her comment! Thanks Betty! You make my day regularily!

Monday, March 24, 2008

I won't get to swim for awhile yet...

It is still too cold to start doing laps, but in the past, I participated in a swim program that helped me improve my health. This year I will try to swim my age [;)] in miles. I will have to swim a mile a day once I've worked up to that, for that many days in a row. I use a snorkle, and don't do sprints, but it is time to get real about getting rid of some of the excess I can enjoy our granddaughter more and hopefully live longer to be there for all those in my life who say that is what they want.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Rug Hookers with Hearts of Gold!

Although Primitive Rug Hookers Group started on ebay, they now have a blogsite that can help you to find connections to blogs, websites, etc about rughookers and from there to their own etsy stores or ebay listings in many cases. Other listing venues may be represented as well.

For those of us who are members of virtual communities(even at grandma age) the friendships we forge are powerful. Connections that cut through the limitations that geography or time would normally restrain. We know the family stories of others we have never been in the same room with in a physical sense. We laugh, cry, pray, and care about the things happening to each other. Love pics of the pets we share, try recipes vouched for by "virtual" friends, and frequently advise each other about the artwork we produce.

I am blessed by these friendships, and no matter the time of day or night, can forget my own problems and marvel at the fun a connection to the internet can bring. Jo

Monday, March 10, 2008

Grandma 101

Not that this will be a revelation to most readers, but being a grandma is a wonderful experience.

Our granddaughter was born on February 29, and Go Texan Day! ;) That is especially great as she is the first native Texan in our family. Birthday parties can be extra fun on Leap Years, and I imagine lots of little frog motifs may spring up here and there.