Thursday, April 26, 2012

A Wish/Dream come True!

Now if you have been reading my blog this spring, posts few and far between, you might expect this posting to be more news on my declining hip or weight. Ho hum!

Nope, this week a wish or dream I've had for quite awhile came true. After lots of saving, was finally able to purchase my brand new Bee Line - Townsend Wool cutter from LavenderWool on ebay. First off, a thanks to Sally who was so great to deal with after I made a rather typical type of goof up for me. While happily clicking the Buy It Now Button and then not seeing the size I went back and bought a second #6L cutter! YIKES!!! But the ladies understood and we resolved the order quickly back to what I really wanted. Not every Ebay dealer would have canceled such a goof up, so want to recommend them for being so understanding and helpful.

The cutter arrived and I couldn't open it that afternoon because of time constraints. AAAARGH!!!

Next morning, I was up brighter and earlier than usual, and rip raring to open that box and start cutting wool strips. Reading all the directions, I started to open the assembly and it wouldn't budge. I am a huge chicken when it comes to new things, and believe me, didn't want to do anything to damage it further if there was a problem. Call placed to Beeline, where a very helpful Sherrie? Sherry? answered my very distraught call. Oops, there was a screw on top of the part that swings easily to the right once the screw is raised just the tiniest bit. Of course, until talking with her I never even noticed that screw!!! She was so kind, as I was both embarassed and joyful to have solved the problem myself. Thanks heaven for 800 numbers!

Next I popped in the #8 cutter head and cut piles and piles of wool for the rug I'm currently working on. A Lori Brechlin/Kris Miller design called Mermaid. By last night, I'd cut and hooked more strips in a few hours than since January. Yep, it is a dream come true!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Update and a great find from Pinterest

Before I forget, Happy Easter! Remember that the meaning behind the celebration is mind blowing. God incarnate, executed, buried, arisen...

I found a wonderful blog   on Pinterest, full of storage ideas for crafts.
The main blogger has a new job, but lots of wonderful pictures and ideas...

Finally, a bit of bragging, straight up. First, my zip front jeans... and now my BMI has dropped by 2%. Not to diminish that in any way, the fatter you are the faster that BMI can trend downward. But this gives me plenty of reason to be happy.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I had forgotten this website! for viewing the stars...

If you enjoy gazing at the stars, but have forgotten a lot of what you used to know and haven't used much recently is a great site. It gives you a head up on what you can look for, and what you are actually seeing. Those are both great things if you have young children or grandchildren around.

Even here in Houston, but at its northern reaches, you can see quite a bit of the night sky. But my best sky viewing ever was in Colorado on the western side of some mountains... amazing to actually be able to view the Milky Way.  White Star Campground near Aspen where we camped for a couple of nights when our daughter was a freshman in high school.