Saturday, April 19, 2008

CPLG also means couplings

Life brings many surprises! If you search our cplg listings, you find an assortment of parts for plumbing? cars? lol These listings mix in with ours because in the men's shorthand, cplg means couplings! We enjoy the eclectic surprise of discovering these primitive listings mixed in with ours on ebay.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Beautiful Rugs

This is a slideshow posted by one of the ladies in one of my groups. One look and I hope you'll understand why rug hooking is so addictive! Most of these rugs are primitive, and the colors, patterns, and designs, are all so different!!!! Please do not copy these designs, as the idea belongs to someone else. It is either a commercial pattern or someone's original. Either way, it is not nice to steal someone else's ideas...

Hope your week is going well!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

5 things you don't know about me....

Thanks, for the tag Leanne! Hmmmm, I could type many things about myself, but the truth is most of it is just not that interesting.

1. I've been a teacher for 35 years, but started the job 40 years ago. (1968)
2. I didn't learn to drive until after getting married... my dh taught me.
3. Couldn't back up a car with a trailer hitched to the back of it if the lives of everyone dear to me depended on it. Some dyslexic brain thingie of overthinking which way to turn the steering wheel.
4. My favorite flowers don't grow in the state where we live, or at least not near where we live...lilacs, forsythia, peonies, all need much colder weather than Houston gets in the winter.
5. Students from my first year as a teacher are now in their 50s! I had this little revelation myself in the shower a morning or two ago...

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Tagbacks may or may not be allowed!

Last Friday night it was a Food Fight in the library over at etsy, and daily it is my delight to enjoy the friendship of these ladies! I can't imagine life without you. You definitely make my day. This tag is supposed to be about how you chose your business name. debbie :) marissa :) pat :) janna :)
leanne :) teresa :)
mo :)
Namarie is a beautiful but sad poem written by JRRTolkein. One of the groups I belong to on ebay has a group learning to speak Quenya the more formal Elvish dialect. Just found Aragorn singing in Quenya, so this is my gift to Elvish students!