Monday, March 25, 2013

Spinning in place

Just one of those days, when life seems to be spinning in place. Not head spinning, sick to your stomach spinning, just not going forward spinning.

In the few months that I've been away, lot of changes have occured. I have a new hip replacement, our granddaughter has had her birthday again, and I've even driven the car a few times. I'm not on pain meds now, other than the ones anyone can buy over the counter, and so lots more aches and pains than a month ago, but just the normal ones, you can mostly ignore.

I've cooked some, but still more the now and again cook, than getting most of the meals. I do plan to continue to diet this year. Nearly the same 50 off that I had the day of the surgery, so not really having more than the same task that was ahead of me last year. Except that this year, I can walk, and know that losing 50 pounds more or less will be a matter of keeping my focus. So that is a big change. Last year at this point, I was hoping and trying, and reforming bad habits. But unsure as to whether it would result in the change so badly needed to my skeleton, or end up with me is a hoverround or some other type of wheeled vehicle like a wheelchair.

I  haven't hooked in several months, but have a couple of finished rugs, I haven't shared yet. Unfortunately, I also haven't take a picture of either of them, so that won't happen today either. Still feeling that spinning my wheels and getting nowhere feeling, but it too will pass.

The hook has been calling my name, after spending more time on a sewing machine lately finishing up some small projects. A couple of baby quilts for family babies, that are due in the next couple of months. Just little utility quilts, one needs so many things with a new baby.

My best things to share will be a hexagon star I hand pieced, and some progress pictures of the hexagons I have pieced for a quilt made with our granddaughter's baby clothes. But no pictures of them on this guess I'll quit for today.