Friday, September 24, 2010

A new season is starting!

Today was still muggy and humid when I went out to go to Livvie's today. It was a great day when we came back over here for lunch and about an hour of pool time. Around 2 pm we had a typical summer downpour...

And yet, there is a real cold front coming to us on Sunday! I endure Houston summers for the pleasure of the remainder of the year. We will have some fall color in December, and a few cold days in February when chicken and dumplings might be considered a must. Chili is acceptable at any time of the year in Houston, but we generally save it for cooler weather.

Best of all, we've been enjoying new tv shows! My favorite so far is Hawaii Five - O  A friend ;) told me it will be rebroadcast Saturday if you missed it on Monday(CBS). Bluebloods the new one with Tom Selleck and Mark Wahlburg is due to start in a few minutes.

I may have an exciting adventure to share after tomorrow.


Farm Girl said...

I look forward to hearing of your adventure! You sound like my kids, they have been going around talking about all of the new and the return of their favorite shows.
I don't watch T.V. I watch it in box sets or from Netflix. I am always about a year behind when it comes to T.V. Well, except Lost. I watched the last season on Hulu.
I have always read in the evenings.
If you like the series with Tom Selleck let me know okay. Your weather sounds a lot like ours.
We get winter in December and spring starts at the end of February. The trees don't even loose all of the leaves until after Christmas.
It snows about every 10 to 12 years. :)
Have a nice weekend.

Maureen said...

Summer came back here for a final fling with temps nearing 90 and MUUUGGGY!for a few days. Woke up this morning to some cooler air more appropriate for this time of year here :) Don't know how colorful our fall will be because summer was a dry one but the cooler temps are a relief.I caught the Tom Selleck police show last nite and htought it was okay. I like all the actors in it so I'm sure I'll watch it a few more times to see if it's a keeper or not.It seemed to have the same old tired story lines though.
Jo I'm intrigued by you mentioning some news??You are being a tease. I'll be certain to tune back it and see what's up.