Wednesday, January 28, 2015

When Worlds Collide

Just this last weekend, my husband and I went to the Houston Convention for Supernatural. My all time favorite show. We entered the costume contest with a nod to Madge and Edward who were the villains of the episode "A Very Supernatural Christmas" The two heros, boys raised on the road who
save people, kill monsters... a family business.    kill Madge and Edward (really nasty couple who are bad Santa and spouse) PS for those at the convention, did you notice who walks with a cane? Not my DH although he can be a bit of a curmudgeon like any old person, he is pure of heart. Nope, I'm the one who would be cosplaying Santa and up the chimney we'd go... Not really, but definitely the one who causes more trouble than I solve.

Back to the colliding Worlds. Facebook, even though I've posted about Supernatural many times, and had several rather doubtful comments (fangirling about Dean for the most part) from TVTAG which I could not shut off. .  . arrrgggh! but I digress. Monday I announced our contest results and then put up a link to the tv article, and finally a pic taken of us at the Con. Changed my profile picture, and was generally in the after Con glow. My friends already know me for the most part, and I could for sure tell who really is a friend from reactions! LOL

My dh and I may be too old for such nonsense, but we'll be back again. I'm already figuring out my costume for the "Fairy Lady" and have a great dress at the back of my closet.... I know she dressed in denim on the show... this dress is white denim, and rather retro TX. :)

If you are a rug hooker, look at my earlier posts from a year or two ago. If you are one of my Winchester Family friends, I'll be writing about what I think of various Supernatural episodes or cons now and again...   I loved "There's No Place like Home" although it is interesting to see how differently I interpreted it's meaning during the scene where Dean whaled on Dark Charlie. This was not a time for talking, Although he didn't consider and had been warned that whatever happened to one would happen to the other. Bottom line, to me was that he stopped short of being controlled by the MOC (Mark of Cain).

Highlight of the Con, aside from the obvious, Moose and Squirrel/Rocket and Groot, was actually meeting Dr. Lynn, author of Fangasm and although I missed her when I went for a visit, will hopefully get to sit down and talk to her at length about her adventures sometime!

Adios, Bitches! (A Charlie Bradbury-ism)

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Too much of a good thing isn't great!

With all respect to Mary Engelbreit, too much is just plain simply rather overwhelming. But as I've heard others say it does get easier to deal with the excess.

Several months later, some sales on ebay, some fabric shared with bee friends, and I'm still struggling with the hard truth that while I will not call myself a hoarder, I have way too much fabric for someone living in a patio home.

I think I mentioned at one time, making my crafting bucket list... so amongst the other things I'll share some other time here are 3 top priority items.

  1. Making a couple of small quilts for our daughter, and each of the grand kids. Now these are meant to be made from their baby clothes, and so since she is 6 and he is only a few months old,  hers at least should be well under way. All excuses aside, this last year hasn't found much time for actual sewing, except at quilt retreats. The last one I attended in October,  was a total disaster, as my sewing machine had needed a tuneup after June retreat. Because I wasn't sewing I forgot. I arrived with way more than several projects, and the sewing machine, went from bad to worse... 
  2.  A wedding quilt for both granddaughter and grandson. I'll be doing the 54 40 star variations (my favorite block), although the finished quilts will be quite different. I'll start posting some pics once, I can sew a few mega chunks together, big enough to get an idea. I have plenty of left over pieces from other quilts of blues and bluebonnets, so he'll get a reprise of the TX Two Step quilt, I first made almost 10 years ago. The very one that suggested my business name to me. Cotton Eyed Jo was a true statement... and if you could see the piles of this and that kind of fabric, you'd wonder why most of my more recent posts were about rug hooking.
  3. Livvie's quilt will have the same 54 40 block with a different 2nd block... a couple of possibilities, but the blocks will need to be the same on both sides to take care of quilting...
    Okay, well I finally gave up looking for the picture I wanted to add. This is a picture of Jenni and me on a hike up Cottonwood Pass in the last century. Around 1980  DH and I were camping with friends, and one of them took this picture. ©Dan Todden  Jenni in the backpack, me in my always wearing them Tevas...probably  a miracle we didn't tumble down the mountain side.
What things would you like to really craft before your untimely end? Considering my age, no one is likely to say, "so young to die" :) Which is a good thing... None of us know the number of our days.