Saturday, August 29, 2009

Two Wonderful Projects

Do you believe you could change the world? Would you like to try?

There are many opportunities to spread generosity throughout the world we live in. Here are two that I basically found out about today, and want to share with you. (See how easily sharing can happen). :)
Just read on IBOL website that more than 14,000 bundles are on the way!!! Way to go sewing community.
First, and foremost The deadline was Tuesday, September 8th. Sorry, but sometimes life requires that we move quickly... An American soldier is helping to distribute fabric and sewing supplies to Iraqi families, to make clothes for Iraqi children. Your cost is fabric or sewing supplies you can donate and $11.95 for postage on a flat rate shipping box at the post office. If you sew, knit, crochet, please take a look.

The other one you can join or just follow their suggestions. Basically, for 29 days you give away 1 gift per day. Before signing up, think of a gift you'd like because they will ask for something you'd like as a gift. I requested visits to my blog and a prayer for world peace. So if you are a 29 gifts member it is working, and you might be able to send a bundle or two to the top opportunity! :)

Monday, August 3, 2009

Primitive Betty give away on CPLG blog

If you are a fan of Primitive Betty, you'll want to hurry on over to the and make a comment to have a chance to win one of Betty's handdid dolls. I know I'll be hoping to be the winner, but my chances are slim, while your's are phat! Don't forget to check her out!
On August 16th, we will be having a group launch on Ebay. We will be featuring items with a "Falloween" theme, so Autumn and Halloween. If your summer has been anything like ours, HOT, HOT, HOT you are looking forward to cool breezes!

I'll have up a hooked rug, and some other small sewing items. Hope you'll check us out. If you are a hooker, I plan to have a couple of strip holders ready for you then too! Don't worry if you seem plumbing parts, cplg has become a common abbreviation for coupling. We jokingly call them the "garage guys" but remember to look all the way down the list for items in ebay stores as well. :)