Saturday, September 4, 2010

Items Good Enough for the Fair!

The smaller photo gives a more accurate picture of RedlocksCreation's Prize Pumpkin, but kinda hard to see. I enlarged it to show more details, but then it get blurry.

C&PLG is having a launch all through the month of September for Items Good Enough to take to the Fair. Maureen, is our resident ribbon winner. Each year she enters items in an Ohio Fair, and comes home with ribbons.  Our launch items aren't actually ones we entered at a fair, just ones good enough to enter!

This launch has Maureen's wonderful  doorhanger of a witchy owl! I've already put in a bid, but if you beat my bid, I'll understand... I've also bid on a set of hand dyed bottle brush trees from Barefoot Primitives. All of these wonderful treasures and more can be found by searching EBAY for C&PLG! Hope y'all will take a look and do some shopping. You couldn't buy them at the fair, but these items are all yours for the right bid!


Farm Girl said...

That door hanger is so cute! I haven't done ebay ever so the stuff is very cute.

Farm Girl said...

Just checking in to see if the storm hit you. I was thinking of you when I was looking at the Doppler and all of the rain that is going on in Texas and I thought I would just say I am thinking about you,Jo

Cotton Eyed Jo said...

Thanks, Kim. We came through it fine, but drenched more than a couple of times. Houston can have some pretty heavy rains, but even one of our toad stranglers doesn't hold a candle to a tropical storm or hurricane feeder band.

We've been blessed with very little damage to our home or our daughters. A lot of that blessing was like the old real estate adage, location, location, location. Even though our homes are in the flood plain, the builders grade a hill into the site. But a bigger reason is the prayers of family, friends, and of course our own. One of the hardest things I've ever done, was leaving that baby granddaughter(6 months) and them on the evening of Ike's landfall. But they are a family, and the tough times form the strongest ties between a husband and wife. It is in those times you learn each other's value. They came through it fine. It took all my faith to trust through that night!