Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Back to Blogging with the New Year!

Although, my hip surgery is much closer than my last post, I'm finally back, to wish all my followers. Hooking friends, and fellow wanderers, Happy 2013! Blogspot has changed since my last visit, and most of my creative oomph is stored on my computer I still can't use, so this may be rather grim looking for a time or two. My next stop will be for a background! Although this sparse look is definitely about all I can do on my own, the power of the Internet is that it makes all of us so much more, than just our self.

I've finished a new rug, and will be listing it soon. Hoped to get it listed last night, but a full day of granddaughter, no nap, fixing dinner for a small family dinner, and still a bum hip, equalled a crash 3 hour nap that also made it possible for me to see in the actual new year at our house. :)

The countdown to my actual surgery will begin today. In a couple of days, I have my cleared for surgery doctor's appointment. Assuming nothing arises as a problem that requires attention before that it will be exactly 4 weeks until the Tuesday that is the first day of the Rest of my Life. Since this is my second hip replacement, I know there are challenges ahead, but with belief and sticking to it, a renewal of my last rejuvenation is not only possible, but probable. I have lots of living left in my heart and mind, so a little longer wait, but things to do and places to go!