Friday, October 8, 2010

One of my best birthdays ever!

Last Saturday, was my birthday and I'm way older than 29 so not telling how old. But I did learn how to use a phone when they were all black and had rotary dials. Or at least the standard phones installed were like that, and that's all my family ever had. Even years after my sis and I were married and came home, the same paint spattered phones were right where they always had been. That was a good thing.

My parents have been gone for years now, and died within less than a year of each other. Our family is small, and wanting to have more family has been a lifelong wish of mine. When our daughter wed, her husband has two brothers, his mother is a wonderful warm hearted hostess who seems to want all the cooking and mess of all the families combined. And my wish began to come true. When his younger brother married, it just got better!

Now, they are living away from TX in Alaska, for a time, not long I hope, but since TX is so large, they lived far enough away we only got to see them occasionally. I am going to learn how to use Skype, so that I can stay in touch with them.  They were back to be in a wedding, so all of the parts of our families got together for a baby shower. We only contributed 4 to the gathering. By coincidence the shower and my birthday were on the same day, we got to help prepare food the day before, and just a little bit on the actual day of the shower. The day was a swirl of conversations, hugs, watching babies, toddlers, and teens. Seeing baby pictures and well just a great day in general. You can see me behind the trio posing for a picture. Not too clearly, which is just as well.  A 4 or 5 story cake sat on the table...but not a candle in sight. :) So right now, I feel like a wish made long ago on some birthday or other came true, and my family has grown in ways unexpected but delightful.

I also wish to thank Kim of My Field of Dreams the giving me an award on her blog, which I appreciated, but don't participate in awards any longer since it was weeks before passing on the honor...


Julia said...

I'm so glad that you got to spend your birthday with your family and that you had a great day and that you got your wish of having a large family.

I have to learn how to use Skype too. It was all set up for me before and someone used my computer and then I couldn't get on Skype. I don't know what they did and must try to get it back so I can talk to my girls.


Kathy (woolfind) said...

Jo, what a great Birthday!!! Love to hear how your family is growing, and I hope you get to see them more often in the future. Skype would be wonderful for you. I have seen it used, but have never used it myself.
Enjoy your day!!

Primitives By The Light of The Moon said...

Glad you had such a wonderful birthday and that your family is growing through extended family members.
Hope you learn how to use the skype soon...I don't know a thing about it but sounds like a great way of communication.