Friday, June 26, 2009

Etsy TX Crafters has special Monday sales

This Monday, June 29th, will be the 5th Monday in June. Five Mondays in a month only happen a few times a year. If you Click on Armadillo Tex to view our $5 listings on at the top right of the blog, it will take you to all the listings from the WHOLE team for $5. not just mine. The search will only work so long as someone has a special tag. So if you click it next week, it may not show any items in the search. But if you would like to look for an item $5. in price, give it a try! There are already some 72 items in the list if you want to get a jump on Monday. :)

I'm going to make sure to get some things listed this weekend! Jo

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Rug Hooking tutorials on Rag Rug Cage

If you've always wanted to make a rug, there is a new website you'll love! They have very clear directions on how to make rugs of the style usually called toothbrush rugs. Videos make the process very easy to understand!

They have set up a special blog for me, to give directions on rug hooking. Now that is really funny in many ways, because I haven't ever been to a hook-in with a roomful of actual rug hookers. I have gotten tons of information in a variety of groups on ebay, for hookers. (what we call ourselves-don't be shocked) However, since this blog is to help people interested in learning how to make rugs, any instructions about the process may help. The other thing that makes it funny to me, is that none of my creations has actually ever been used as a rug. But I've seen some fabulous hand hooked rugs on the floor in pictures of other ladies homes.

Unfortunately, we don't have a video camera, although I might need to start dropping birthday hints for one now! So my tutorials will be digital shots. Hope you'll drop by , leave comments, ask questions, and help me get it off the ground floor! Jo