Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Eaton Edge

I Love Pinterest! This morning, I stumbled across a pin that linked me to a 9 minute demonstration of Doris Eaton, showing how to do "the Eaton Edge". I'd read references to it as a simple and effective way to finish rugs.

After watching the video, I can see where this could be a favorite way for finishing in the future.

She mentions that this technique helps the edges of the rug wear more slowly. You do the prep work for the Eaton Edge before hooking your rug. 

  • You need to sew tape around the edges of the rug, using a zipper foot. 
  • Start by hooking from the underside of the rug first.
  • Hook a second row (from the front) and continue on hooking the remainder of the rug. 
  • Turn tape to back and secure it to the rug foundation
  • The first row of hooking done from the back, will fill the tape, giving it a corded appearance.
Efficient and long lasting - who could ask for anything more?