Tuesday, November 29, 2011

So sweet....

Our daughter just emailed me a picture of the play table in our granddaughter's room. The two elves are Poppy and Moppy and anyday I expect another may appear to watch me. But what I so wanted to share was Livvie's note to Santa on the drawing board. It says"I will be good for toys..."

When she was less than 2 was her first Christmas with an elf. One time while she was on the changing table, I was talking to her about Santa, and being good, and she literally did an eye roll signal to me to look up at the elf... lol. I made sure to brag about how nicely she was cooperating, whenever the elf was near.  She is a good hearted little girl, with a streak of mischief. The elves may have to turn their heads a time or two between now and Christmas.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Put some $$ where you want your mouth to be...anyway!

Have you made a trip to Starbucks lately? Would you like to help create some jobs in America. This project reminds me of Kiva, where a small amount of money from lots of individual donors, can mount up to a substantial amount of help for individuals.

We can't do it all, but until Congress gets involved, we can get something started. I'm tired of the politics and rhetoric. The founder of this fund, Starbucks CEO? is also contacting businesses to try to get them not to contribute to any campaign funds until Job Creation gets rolling from the government. Of course, we're not naive, that only means the people who are already supporting candidates who campaign fairly will most likely quit. "Corporations/People" who are using underhanded campaign donations will still do that, because that is how they gain their "owe ya ones". 

Still, I bought myself a wristband, and one for a Christmas gift. Got a smaller size Eggnog Latte, and still didn't use quite all of  my personal $20. The wristbands and cards are made in America, so those jobs are a start at least.

If you need an excuse to treat yourself to a Latte, Machiatto, or whatever, drop by and invest $5. in job creation. Who knows the job you create might help someone you know and love. Anyway, Americans pulling together can show politicians, that they are done listening, and are digging in to get job creation started. If everyone  invested only $5. between now and Christmas, that could help, and if the line at your drive-through StarBucks is like the one at ours...well, that could be alot of money. Consider giving them as gifts to coworkers, family members or even kids that are college students.