Thursday, September 9, 2010

TX Palette has two new Colors Pumpkin Patch and Wine Cup

Just in time for some fall pumpkins, I've finished the Yellow Orange strips in my TX Palette Color Wheel.
 For a primer look I just increase one of the dyes in the formula. I do love clear colors a lot, but at times one needs to change it up to achieve a different look!

Driving along the highway in the spring is a real treat for the eyes. One of my favorite blooms to spot is commonly called a wine cup, and comes in a whole range of shades. This is the purple from my palette. You can see how the effects of my strong red are still bringing the secondary colors into a redder version. It's going to be fun to finish this set of colors, then explore more. After all, after dyeing 12 different colors, in 8 shade gradients I'll finally be able to say I'm no longer a beginner! And I'll have 96 colors of wool that work well with each other, from the lightest to darkest values. Because of the way I've formulated this palette, all strips in a 2 jar have the exact same value, although the color varies... :) Should be fun to "play" around with that and see where it leads. And unlimited supplies of my favorite colors...wowzers!

It is still only partially done, as the only tertiary color dyed so far is the Yellow Orange shown above. But, here's a pic of the partially done color wheel for my TX Palette hope you like it as much as I do!


Jacqueline said...

wow... just plain beautiful coloring...

Farm Girl said...

That is so pretty and I really do love the names you have given your colors. So pretty. So glad you made it through the rain.

I agree with you so much I do wish, with my whole heart, I didn't have to keep learning the lessons I wish I learned the first time through. I am bull headed too. :)

I will put your name down in my prayer journal and I will begin to pray for you about your need and I know we will see what happens.

You are such a blessing to me and that day when I took this giant step to enter blogland, I never knew how I would be blessed by all of the wonderful people like you Jo
who He would bring in my life.
Thank you for being you and
your lovely comments that you leave.
You make my day.