Saturday, May 12, 2012

Know what is better than ... Mermaid Rug

I miss having my Playlist on Blogspot, but it apparently doesn't work anywhere other that playlist now. I've been hooking more than doing the computer, so I haven't a clue why. But such is our world hear today, gone tomorrow. My regrets that I can no longer share it with you, or have the fun of selecting a new version. :(

Buying a cutter that cranks out 6 beautifully cut strips with just a few turns of the handle?

Why-- hooking up a rug using those strips!  Promising a photo of a work in progress soon...
Mermaids will survive global warming! :)

The sky portion of the rug is hooked in various shades of my own formulas called "©Crawfish Boil" in my ©TX Palette  using the rug dyeing Techniques described by April DeConnick in The Wool Palette. The various shades of blue green in the oceans are the shades of my formula called "©Gulf Shores" in a variety of shades of blue green, and her tail showcases most of the shades of purples called "©Wine Cups"  named after another of my favorite roadside wildflowers in TX.

Know what is better than buying a new pair of zip up the front jeans?

Finally having the courage to try on a favorite old pair of jeans you loved and just couldn't ever throw away....and they are on the big side! Smiling nearly from ear to ear!