Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New Year ~ New Goals ~New Hip~New Me

Funny how my spirit rises to "adversity", but slowly sinks when all seems calm and well...

I am "ready" emotionally to have my hip replaced, but after a visit to the surgeon, I learned the path is a little longer and needs to be uphill. (slight incline is acceptable) :)  You might think this would have made my spirits sink. Au contrare dear reader... I used to have a mini poster (Hallmark fold out card) in my classroom that read Kites fly higher against the wind...   Lots of untold stories about that. :)

Anyway, I truly belief that what we need most in any moment is generally placed within easy reach, but we need to look around, sometimes wake from our dreaming through our life and reach, stretch, touch our toes. :)

My legs are swelling, so until that is under control, no surgery. In the next four months, my posts should be about that focus which will include resources like the one I found this morning. I've been pinning things for a month or two, and drooling over what I've thought of as food porn, oooey gooey this and that. but this morning one of the pins lead me to this site.

http://www.skinnytaste.com/2011/02/baked-potato-soup.html   This blogger posts recipes for common favorites that she has redesigned to keep her family healthier. Now I haven't a clue how accurate her nutritional info is, if you are a dietician you may find her right on target, or missing by a mile, but I don't do this kind of information well. I intend to try some or maybe lots of her recipes.

I went back and have now pinned, saved, and printed out a number of her recipes. I may make this site my homepage for awhile. :) But the reason I came back to add to my post, was to tell you about more about this wonderful site. On the right side bar she has another way to access her recipes. Numerically, by points per serving, which could be AWESOME for meal planning to balance and still easily keep track of points... And by course, you know the traditional ones like Appetizers, soups, etc. Yep, seriously thinking it needs to be my home page. :)

Hope you'll check it out, cause all of us can get healthier in the next year...especially if someone else did the heavy lifting. :)