Thursday, April 22, 2010

Grateful for the suggestion of a friend...and a comment from another :)

Today was an unexpected pleasure! Because I've been sick, had to miss my Kirby Hooking Circle last Saturday. :(  Sooo, today I joined the Stash Sisters at the Olivia Fields library for the morning. Took along a couple of rugs, and sat down next to Pam. I was the lucky winner of her mug mat at Valentines Day.

Almost finished with a rug for Ruth's parents. They moved to the Brenham area recently, and I'm doing an Annetiques rug for their new home. The background is antique black, and only my second really dark background and it just seems flat to me. But both Pam and Sondra liked it, and Sondra analyed the rug as needing a calmer background, because the foreground is done in strong primary colors(spring tulips and a heart).

I was feeling pretty good about the rug I've started for Olivia, but Pam suggested that the plant stems needed more contrast to stand out from the sage green background. At first, I didn't really want to hear that, but came home and pulled out some of one of the branches, rehooking it with a lighter brown strip. It looks great! :) This picture doesn't show the rug with the new color scheme, it was taken a week or so ago. So Thank You, Pam, for a great suggestion.

 I'm blessed to have connected with two hooking circles filled with such talented artists. So although I'm resistant to changing my "vision" I usually give their advice a try. So far they have always had good suggestions.

On the way home, I stopped to get a library card at the new branch. Next Tuesday, Livvie and I will try to arrive to make the cut for the story time... if there are lots of toddlers and we don't get there, there are lots of shelves filled with picture books for us to enjoy. I only checked out 6 today! :)

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