Thursday, April 1, 2010

grateful the move is complete

In these times, saving $40. a month for my storage unit was hard to pass up. Yesterday was the final day of March, and after a month of working by myself every spare moment, my dh came in to haul out trash and donations.

For many years I was a fifth grade teacher. It was good to go with him to a store/social service in a nearby city that maintains a variety of services for others. Lots of books, bulletin board materials, and other items that could be used as incentives or awards... :) Nice to think of the leftover notebook paper, pencils, old calendars(used the photos as a reward think of them like a mini poster). Motorcycles, fast cars and puppies or kittens delight kids.

I still have other things that need to be passed along, but I set my goal to move, and met my goal. A very rewarding feeling!


kelley said...

great job Jo! it's worth all thay effort to save forty bucks a month...and think of all the smiles you've added to the folks who receive all your goodies...

how soon before you can go without a storage unit???

Primitives By The Light of The Moon said...

What a thoughtful way to put all the classroom supplies to use. I'm sure someone will be very grateful!