Saturday, April 10, 2010

Grateful to be there for her first sock puppet

How do you help a 2 yr old make sock puppets?  Okay, the kit says 3 and up, but I'll address that at the end of the post. :)

Livvie got a sock puppet kit from her cousins and aunt and uncle in an Easter basket. Cute was the word she used to describe it. She was all over that box from Tuesday until Friday when she did them. :) Grandpaparazzi had the camera ready, and rolled some priceless video! Snapped some pics of the finished items too. It went much smoother than I'd thought.

If you are wondering how to do it, this worked for us. First, the highchair was invaluable, as it kept our artist in one place and comfortable. She ate lunch at her regular time, and then we had about an hour till "rest". Instead of building blocks, or going outside to wading pool...

Grandma opened the box and showed her the contents of the box at a safe distance... Livvie wanted to make the blue sock first, so I had her pick the mouth color, put those pieces in place and donned the sock. Using my finger to make the mouth, we chose wiggle eye color, fake fur pieces for "sideburns", pompoms, and then went to town with one of the sheets of felt stickers. Livvie loves to do stickers on she was good to go with that. In all honesty the first one was guided practice, but except for the mouth she chose the placement. How did it turn out?

Before it was time for her nap(shhhh Grandma knows and you do too no doubt if you're reading this that rest relaxes into a nap) we had finished the orange one, that was a "tiger" named Tico before the day was over. Then the green one, who she calls Abbie.

Abbie is green with pink pompom ears and does look a bit like AbbyCadabby. At least to Grandma and Livvie. Then she walked around with Abby on her hand for a little while. While she rested, I got out my needle and thread and sewed down those felt pieces, and was actually able to sew through the wiggle eyes. and fake fur. I felt they were safe enough for her to have after that!

I woke up this morning wondering what seeds of artistic creativity grow from sock puppets? Stay tuned, and before long we'll try making Livvies first quilt. I'll do the sewing, she'll use a Charm pack and a flannel backed tablecloth which makes a great traveling design wall if you haven't tried it! I'm off to Hankemer in just a few minutes, with a Sip & See scheduled for the afternoon. Life is Good! :)


Maureen said...

Jo I so enjoyed reading this post!!!! Mo

Primitives By The Light of The Moon said...

How fun sock puppets and I'm sure Livvie had a great time helping make them!

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