Sunday, February 7, 2010

Grateful for fun!

Yesterday was our monthly Saturday meeting for my ATHA hooking circle. We had a mug mat exchange, and it was lots of fun. Imagine all the lovely mats and mugs... They did take a digital picture, so if I receive a copy, you won't have to imagine. But until then, you can enjoy the mug mat I got from Pam. :)

Even the back of it was finished beautifully!

These exchanges are always fun. I was quite the scamp starting off the stealing at the Christmas exchange, so I'd vowed to myself not to steal at all this time, unless someone stole from me. (That's required under the rules ;)) I knew that any mat would be a treasure. After all gifts from friends who do the same type of work are great. Several of these ladies are light years above me in technique, and I admire their work so! I love the whimsy of this mat, love hearts, and was glad no one stole it from me. :)

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