Monday, April 26, 2010

Sneak Peek # 2

Today is Mothers' Day Out, so I'm getting to show my strips a little sooner than I expected. But gotta go in just a couple of minutes. 

This color is going to be called Bluebonnets in my TX palette. I think I shared the recipe in an earlier post yesterday. The first picture shows the 8 values set against each other. Values 1 and 2 are very close to each other, and although 1 looks white in this picture, it has a faint bluish color. The pieces have mottling, but not as much as the wool in the second picture. The graduated strips were dyed over white Dorr wool. The second picture shows the remainder of the dye added to an old gigantic pickle jar that I've used for kool aid dyeing in the past. The wool was Dorr off white, and I only reversed the contents of the jar one time, so much more mottling to that piece. None of the items in the jar were presoaked with detergent, as this is all a big experiment, and so why not try something completely different. Might not be too scientific, but as usual I loved the results! (Not really all that picky). 

Gotta go, will post better picture and the formula for the palette dyeing group on Rug Hooking Daily tonight. As much fun as this is, don't want to be late picking up Livvie! ♥


Primitives By The Light of The Moon said...

Lovely bluebonnets...looks like your on your way to a great start!

Kathy (woolfind) said...

Wonderful Jo!!! I can't wait to see them hooked into a rug..

Maureen said...

Jo I am and always have been a sucker for blue and your blues are beautiful!Congrats on discovering yet another creative outlet dear friend.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful!! And wasn't it fun to dye your own wool?? I love the colors.