Sunday, January 24, 2010

Grateful for technology

Our daughter's brother in law and his wife who is a true sister to her, will be moving to Alaska. They don't live in Houston, but D/FW isn't really all that far away. We touch each other's lives through Facebook, email, and on really wonderful occasions when they return home.

All of us are going to invest and install webcams, and even though I've never been all that interested in SKYPE, well, it just goes to show that there just wasn't a reason before. But then, if I can talk my sis into it, we can talk and see each other as well.

Back in the century before last(1800s) folks moved away, and you might never have heard of or from them again. The mail wasn't anything to brag about, even after the pony express. But now, we'll be able to plug in, find a time slot good for all of us, and see them even more often than before.

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