Friday, January 15, 2010

Grateful for the predicted return to normal winter temps

I won't brag, cause that would be just plain rude, but if the weatherman is right, we'll be enjoying days more typical of a Houston winter soon. Which means that Livvie and I will be able to spend more time outside, and not have to be bundled up like it is winter.

When we moved here from MO, folks said, "Houston has two seasons, summer and February" and by and large that is how we've found it to be. This winter has been cold, rainy, and in many ways a blessing. Those insects that slumber may not be returning, because of an extended time under freezing. The rain is certainly better than the drought of last winter.

In fact, it is more like the weather when we moved to TX, more than 25 years ago. BTW, I'll always be proud to be a native Nebraskan Go Big RED, however we raised our daughter in TX, so we're Texan too now. Livvie is a NATIVE TEXAN! That means a lot to Texans. :)

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Maureen said...

Morning Jo! Your blog background looks so cheery and pretty :) We had an icy start to the day here
today and haven't seen the sun in a while so it does my midwestern heart good to read that "y'all"
are getting some normal weather. If you are able,take a picture of some sunshine and post it on your blog for me okay? Enjoy playtime with your special gal! Mo