Monday, January 4, 2010

Always complaining about the weather! :)

We have a Blue Norther on the way.:( So although I'm trying to be grateful about the events in my life, this is mostly whining about how cold temperatures in the 20s can be if you live in the South. My sis is in Wisconsin, mostly loves the cold, "It's a dry cold" and couldn't imagine living here in the summer. Summer is when I really complain about the weather, and remembering last summer of long hot days, and days on end without a drop of rain, but plenty of humidity, just makes me droop...

We are in an El Nino pattern, which means based on other years, more cold and more rainy days. Those are good to have as we were in a drought last winter, that pretty much continued until October or November. Of course, being Houston we had one or two downpours where we(somewhere in Houston) got several inches of rain in a short time bringing on limited flooding.

But the blue moon was gorgeous the other night. It hung in the sky glowing like an LED moon. There were wisps of clouds blowing by it quickly, and that really made it spectacular. This is my favorite time of year to look at the stars. I used to be able to spot several constellations, loved reading mythology as a girl, knew the stories for many of them. I can still find the dippers, the North Star, and Orion the Hunter most nights. It is amazing to realize that the light we see, travels so fast, and yet it has traveled light years for us to see it tonight. Our Universe is so lovely, and the Earth we live on so precious. I am grateful for that. :)

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Joanne said...

tomato soup (not made with milk but water!) and toasted cheese sammies are a standby in our house - both my husband and I love that for dinner every few weeks. Wow I love cheeto's - never tried them in tomato soup - Mmm sounds good