Monday, January 18, 2010

Grateful for our President

I won't be going all political on ya, but today (MLK day) is a good day to say how proud I am of our country that we've moved beyond the way things were. When I was a high school and college student was in the days of the civil rights movement.

A year ago last November, was a watermark moment for our country. Whether you agree with all of his policies, I hope you recognize that our current president works hard for the betterment of our country. I've quite honestly changed my view of our state representation in Washington, because they have opposed so much of the health reform. It may not be your cup of tea either, but because of illnesses in my sister's family, no preexisting conditions makes their insurance virtually unobtainable. So with all due respect, just saying no to reforms doesn't impress me in a favorable way.

It is still a proud day for our country that we have gone from the days of segregation to our first black president. Whether you are old enough to remember singing "We Shall Overcome", the days of separate but not equal, or Dr. King. we are blessed to provide more opportunity. If you are more like Archie Bunker, try to remember even he had a good friend in George Jefferson.

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