Saturday, October 16, 2010

Grateful for a wonderful Circle of Friends!

Today was our regular meeting for the Kirby Hooking Circle, and although Halloween is not this weekend, we planned some activities to have a party for all of us. We brought salads to share or other foods. I made a "spider web pizza" Wish I'd left enough time for myself this morning to take a picture. Here's a quick description, pizza crust bottom, sauce in the middle, and string cheese torn apart to make the spokes and connecting threads that looked like a spider web. Pepperonis added here and there to look like a few spiders on the web. If I were serving this at home, I'd thought about cutting some short piece of onion into 4 legs and sticking one side under the pepperoni while fanning out the other side.

A few of us brought some "costuming" mostly witches hats.  Lurie's hat has black and purple stripes on the crown. She is holding a piece she recently finished. It has a giant Jack-o-Lantern rising behind a little cottage. A great mat for this time of year, when big ole Harvest Moons hang in the sky.

April is the  one wearing a witch's hat and a jack-o-lantern t-shirt . She worked on ATC cards for our group exchanging on Rug Hooking Daily. These use "leftovers" from her Got Wool? rug, where she hooked and evaluated different materials. She is doing a column/series of short articles? in the ATHA newsletter telling about each of the alternative materials, how it was to cut, hook, and general appearance in the rug.

Pat is holding some hooked Indian corn she brought for our show and tell. The colors seemed really perfect to me. Louise has a make do black cat with wire whiskers that doesn't really show up well against her shirt. It was super cute!

I'm the old crone on the right wearing the hat with a veil and cats eye glasses. You can't really see how great a hat this is from this angle. I may add a pic tomorrow to show the wonderful features it has.  My almost finished Brown Wizard rug is an adaptation of April's Santa design from last year. She gave us a class on hooking by value in February or March. I didn't have very many shades suitable for a Santa(a brown Santa seemed sad to me) hadn't started dyeing yet at that point in time, so April gave me permission to transform her design into a wizard that combined features of a man and an owl. Cindy , Barbara ,  and another Barbara  (holding the wonderful sheep rug), and Toni are the other ladies between Lurie and Pat.

I'm hoping to construct a pillow from the Wizard mat, that will be for sale at our Artisan's of Houston show next Saturday, October 23rd,  at Bethany Church of Christ, 3223 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX. Open to the public from 10 am ~ 3 pm with free entry.  If you are in the Houston area, hope you'll drop by!


Farm Girl said...

Too bad I am not coming to Houston. I would love to come. I love the picture and I love your hat and I would like to see it close up. You look really young.
It looks like a very nice group of ladies. I bet you have fun and the pizza sounds great, since I love pizza. :)

Cotton Eyed Jo said...

The hat deserves a picture. I got it at Walmart, and the glasses as well. The hat has a veil complete with spiders, feathers and is a wonderful shade of deep purple. The glasses are a twist on the Groucho Marx joke glasses, with a huge old witch nose complete with wart on the nose that curves down to my chin.

Pizza was quick and easy to make, and think kids would like it too, as it was basically a cheese pizza as long as they aren't creeped out by spiders.

We may not meet here in Houston, but I hope we'll meet in the sweet by and by.~ When the Roll is Called Up Yonder you'll be there and I hope me too! ;)

Unknown said...

Seems as though you all had fun. Eveyone looks great especially you. :)Nice to get together and enjoy each other's company....that is what makes life special. Hope to see a picture of your pizza.

Julia said...

I throughly enjoyed the Nature By Number YouTube video and bookmarked the page so I can come back and view the other video. It's all very spiritual and I love it.
I picked you out of the crowd along with April. You make a fabulous witch and I love seeing your group all taking part in the fun of dressing up and also love your creativity on that pizza. Have a blessed day Cotton Eyed Jo. JB