Friday, October 29, 2010

Final Finishes :)

 Any of you with kats know that as soon as you put something down to get a picture, kats will come from the other side of the house to get into the picture, and examine the new item. :) Here Kirbykat gives you a sneak peek of my sampler finished as a pillow. This design, by Prairie Schooler  (link to all of their available designs) is called Sweeping  Cobwebs, available in latest designs.

 Here you have a better view of the finished pillow which is currently available on Etsy.  It is so close to Halloween, will probably be there for awhile, since Halloween is just two days away. But if you don't care whether it is October or not for witches, black cats, jack-o-lanterns to be on display. Check it out!

The second finish today is my Wizard adaptation of the "2009 Santa" by April Deconick. I've used quotes, but that may not be quite the actual title. April taught a class at our Kirby Hooking Circle, on hooking by value. My wool selection really didn't lend itself to a Santa, so she gave me permission to adapt the pattern to make a wizard. I thought about the wizard, Radagast, from LOTR as I designed my version. It has a number of added features from her Santa, but I'll design my own wizard before offering a pattern. It is currently under development. :) Sounds very professional, huh?

Chose to finish it as a pillow, with rectangular dimensions, before checking out the available pillow forms. Did you know that the majority of forms are now square? There are a few rectangular ones, and the one I selected was wide enough, but not tall enough. So although it isn't obvious in this picture, the upper part of the pillow isn't supported by a form. This pillow contains both as is and hand dyed wools, The colors in his cap were hand dyed by April. The remaining hand dyes are my own, from my Texas palette. I still have a few colors that need to be dyed, and then the formulas will be available, including swatches.

This design is supposed to suggest both a wizard and an owl... He is turned looking back toward the viewer, and I hope you can feel his piercing gaze. The luna moth is an homage to the LOTR movies, where they used a luna moth to take a message that Gandalf needed assistance. Luna moths live in TX, and have always been one of my favorites!


Farm Girl said...

OH very nice. I love them both. You did such a nice job, so glad you shared what you have been working on today.

Julia said...

Wow, Cotton Eyed Jo, your Wizzard is spectacular. You did such a great job. Thanks for sharing this with us.

I don't blame the cat for coming in close to the sampler pillow. He admires your work like the rest of us. JB

Cotton Eyed Jo said...

Thank you both, for the complements!

I've been working on both of them for so long, it was super great to be able to show both of them finished. :)

Joanne said...

Of course the kitties have to approve everything for showing! Great job!

Unknown said...

Gorgeous the PS piece.

Actually, "Pumpkin Patch" is the companion to "When Witches Go Riding", but yours is a lovely design and has it's own counterpart...I think it is called "October". check out my WWGR finish at

P.S. I am heading out to vote!!!