Saturday, June 26, 2010

A wonderful day with friends ~ Kirby First Annual Hookin :)

I'll post some pictures later, and add some to this post, others for an online rug show. It was a great day with lots of participants, super vendors, lunch from Jason's deli delivered to us, and a double rug show. Loved the rugs that won viewers' choice, and got a lot of whipping done on the edge of my latest rug to finish hooking. It is a new design by Maria Barton, Star Rugs, and she did the color planning for it. A great place to practice some special "stitches" beading, chicken eye, and herringbone. This one will be a keeper for the family. :)  Whipping is never one of my favorite parts of completing a rug, but with a day of conversation the needle just about seemed to be working on its own. This was my first rug to finish using verigated yarn, but certainly won't be the last.

Lurie, April, Jan and lots of other folks worked hard to make this day a success. It didn't seem like a "first" as everything rolled smoothly through the day. I was lucky enough to win a potted plant and had no trouble choosing...a pot with a dragonfly was waiting there for me! Thanks to everyone who put their hand to making this such a great day. Can't wait until the next one. :)

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