Monday, June 7, 2010

An Early Morning Brought Extra Time :)

These days my nights sometimes end before the alarm is set to wake me. Might as well get up and do something, cause sleep usually is finished for the night. So after giving my body a chance to fall back asleep, I got up to do the photo editing I'd planned to do yesterday.

I'll start off with our last photo - taken of the class by our neighbor from Kris Miller's class, Sally. She patiently took a couple of photos with each camera passed her direction, so that was impressive.  Patijane and Ginger are in the backrow at the left. I didn't learn everyone's face/name so I'll just say there were some extremely talented ladies. Marsh in blue floral top was working on an exquisite rug with bird and flowers. It was filled with light and color unlike so many of the rest of us who work primitively. It will be a beauty when it is finished.

By the end of camp we felt like we had friends for a lifetime. That friendship had started online, because Kelley gathered all of us into an online group called An American Primitive Gathering. :) We wished she could be there with us too. We've visited online for nearly 2 years now, our anniversary is coming in August, and so we knew each other before we met face to face. In fact, as I was walking to the front door of the hotel to register, Ginger called me by name! She and Patijane helped me bring my things in(how embarassing yet delightful) my car was packed in its usual can't live without this, this, and this fashion. Had even brought a sewing machine along to finish some small items. :) Did actually use it, and get them done, but ever so much of the rest could have stayed home!

I'll begin sharing some of our adventures at camp in the next few posts. If you read Patijane's or Ginger's blogs they did a great job already. But as I said earlier, my camera didn't even get unpacked for a few days after returning. Funny how the drive home always seems shorter, but I was tired by the time I arrived and looking forward to seeing my dh. I did have one last dipped cone at Dairy Queen on the way home. Shhhh don't tell my doctor! ;)

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Primitives By The Light of The Moon said...

We sure had lots of fun didn't we!!! Glad you enjoyed a dipped cone a treat every now and then can't be all that bad!