Thursday, June 17, 2010

Grateful for a new version of Robin Hood

We don't all love new novel things, but I certainly do. Dh and I went to see Robin Hood yesterday. It was a prequel to the story he and I remembered watching with Richard Greene and the merry men of  Sherwood Forest. In fact, it ends right there at the beginning of the Sherwood Forest part...except for the Richard Greene part.(Actor who portrayed Robin in the tv series that aired during the 50s.)

Anyway, this movie was exciting, funny in the right places, great battle scenes, and well I cried real tears at least 3 times during the movie. These were the heart stirring tears of a warrior princess filled with the joy of battle. Valkyrie riding... Eowyn slaying the Nazgul.." to fight to the death for that which we love ~ in a cause surely hopeless ~ for that which you love" tears. But I don't want to spoil a bit of the excitement, even accidently.

We also loved "Robin and Marian" a wonderful movie about an aging Sheriff, Robin and Marian. The ending of that movie brought tears as well. Robin and Marian were buried where the arrow he shot into the air landed. It was so romantic... much more so than the portion of their daily inneractions. :) If you get a chance to see either of these fine films I hope you find them just as enjoyable!

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