Saturday, June 26, 2010

Orange or Purple? What will you see the next time I post?

April ordered wool from Dorr Mills so I got some directly from her. Waiting for it to arrive has been a challenge!
I came home with 7 yards of wool today, so after the supper dishes are cleared away, I'll be getting out the dye pots and jars. Secondary colors have to be created before tertiary ones. Now in all honesty, the formulas are written for all of them, but the wonder of what will emerge is strong! The green was so muted considering the colors for blue and  yellow. Will orange and purple be muted wonderful tones that I'll love to use? Truthfully, never met a tone of purple that wasn't grand, but  oranges are a whole different story.

One of the things that palette dyeing is revealing to me is my preference for the cool side of the color wheel where luscious blues, greens, and purples reside. Yet, if you had asked, my guess might have been that the warm colors were what I used...reds, pumpkins, delightful tones of yellow. Life is full of surprises.  If I get some wool finished tonight, my  question to you will be answered at the next posting. I already know what color will be coming from the dye pot, but not the shades. So until later... will it be orange or purple?

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Primitives By The Light of The Moon said...

Hi Jo~ Enjoyed seeing you with all those awesome dragonflies! Love your pool it looks like the perfect place to spend your summer days.