Thursday, June 3, 2010

Green for TX Palette - Hill Country Herb Garden :)

The green dye was quite a surprise to me. You make the dye formula by combining halves of the yellow and blue dye formulas. Both of them were fairly vibrant color swatches, so the sage like quality of this set was a delightful surprise. I love mottled wool, as to me, it hooks into a more organic meaning living rather than mechanical rug. These dyes contain acids, I wear gloves and a respirator while processing the strips, so definitely not organic as in pure and unchemical. But the final product is no different from that in a blazer, just that getting it there is a rather time consuming process.
The pale tones will be great for a slight green highlight or for new leaves. 


kelley said...

lovely wool my glad you've started dyeing!

moosecraft said...

Awesome green Jo! I really like your blog background too!

Maureen said...

Jo, I'm curious about the process. Do you start with new white wool fabric to dye? Can you also over dye wool remnants cut from old clothes or blankets? No, I'm not going to be trying this anytime soon! I'm enjoying doing it vicariously through you ;) Although blue will always be my favorite color, lately I find I really like green.During spring especially I am always surprised and delighted by its many different shades.

Cotton Eyed Jo said...

The process is quite doable, and April has several great pages that explain it in detail. I can't link from a comment, so paste this URL for a starting point. :)

I have dyed white wool to get a clear key for the colors, but over dyed two patterned pieces in this last batch ~ cause I'm out of white until tomorrow.(hopefully will have 6 yds then)

Each batch uses 1/2 a yard to get the 8 shades.