Friday, February 26, 2010

Grateful for Playlist

What is the soundtrack for your life? Do you have songs you remember from earlier times in your youth? Perhaps a song you remember dancing to at your prom, or a song that came on the radio at a moment when you felt alone. Playlist gives you a chance to gather those lovely memories in one place. I often come to the blog, launch the page, sometimes write a post, but as often go to my sewing machine to work. I've selected shuffle, so that each time I come, the experience is different, but filled with music that is guaranteed to please.

When Christmas was here, it was wonderful to go in and listen to so many different pieces of music. Some like the Wexford Carol are still here after all the Christmas decorations are packed away... It is just too lovely to put away.

We went to see The Wolfman a day or two ago.
It was beautifully done, and an amazing combination of acting, makeup, and computer graphic animation. (So long as you like werewolf movies) My favorite scene was when he was undergoing the transformation, behind the back of his doctor?/tormentor who was droning on about his delusions of lycanthropy while he was changing in the view of the others. It is probably a bit telling that it is my favorite part, but experts in my life have often been longer on opinions and shorter on experience. A couple of clicks, then Little Red Riding Hood was added.

My sister and I used to stay up watching scary movies. It was the golden age of scary movies...Mothera is probably the one we talk about most frequently. One thing we loved was how the mouths and dialog never matched. Lots of years ago, more than 10, when free long distance was a new feature, we both sat and watched a movie together on the sci fi channel and while it wasn't quite as good as when we were girls, it was fun to talk about our lives just then, but every once in awhile one or the other of us would point out something we remembered in the movie.

Surely you would love to share your favorite pieces of music. Playlist has an amazing resource called the internet. :) Maybe you'll find all of your favorites, or perhaps a few. Scarborough Fair is a lovely enigmatic song that had slipped from my thoughts, I stumbled across it while searching something else. Then found several lovely versions that I'd never heard before. I've found a lovely piece to practice my tai chi to, what do you need?

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