Sunday, February 14, 2010

Grateful for the Green Market

Today was one of my Market Vendor days at Discovery Green. It was a wonderful day weather wise, and I had my Tinkerbell jammies under my warm up suit, just in case the day turned colder. Tonight it is supposed to drop 40 degrees! Oh my! So for a wonderful day, rug hooking and visiting with folks about my rug hooking I am grateful!

Any day when my booth fee is paid by sales is great, and today that happened plus a bit more. There was a couple who I hope are interested in buying my witch rug. If it comes to that, I may shed a tear, but then will happily part with it, to buy more backings. I'd love to do Lori's Santa on a Pinto Pony... think it might be called Glad Tidings? After all, the fun is in the doing. If I miss the witch badly enough I can always do another...

One lady at the park was amazed to find another hooker in TX. Perhaps she'll bring a hook some other time, and we can have our own little hooking circle... Which reminds me, in March I'll be taking advantage of a wonderful opportunity. April, Red Jack Rugs will be teaching us how to hook by value. Are we lucky or what? Her white tiger is even more beautiful in person! She is a totally cool lady, and so interesting to visit with. My dearest friend is Lurie, she is so fun, and although I'm older, she enjoys my company too. :)


PrisNasonShartle said...

I have not seen temperatures over 30 in five be 40 would be beach weather! But Tinkerbell that is a new thought for wicking away the cold. I must try it.

I love coming to your blog as it leaves me happy and inspired.

Cotton Eyed Jo said...

While there isn't enough pixie dust about to lift me to flying, your happy thoughts made me smile.

One of my Ohio friends Mo♥ reminded me that layers were the key to comfy winter days with wind. Tinkerbell pjs at the park were perfect under the southern version of warm ups. Much thinner than those in NE, Iowa, or Ohio! :)