Monday, February 1, 2010

Grateful for our Postal Clerk

Today was one of those days where the list was too long, the time too short, and I ended up redoing some things I'd thought I could do ahead, but then the do aheads, well some wouldn't work, the others got lost (in my purse) some things fell out of the ikea bag I was trying to carry half my agenda for this week and next... sigh. Some days my life feels like I'm running just in front of a collapsing mine tunnel. And I surely don't move as fast as I used to.

Anyway, I got up to the window, and she was her usual friendly helpful self, doing her job quickly, and even though it was just a few minutes before closing she didn't seem worn out, or ready to abandon her window, when the clock struck 6. Of course there isn't a clock in the lobby, I guess after some of the patrons complained that the window wasn't open at 9:00.

Our post office is understaffed at least with regard to the front desk. It is common to be in line for 20 minutes or more, and the polite quieter grumbling is over. People sigh, roll their eyes, grumble way above a whisper, and generally would be making me feel anxious if I was on her side of the counter. She never seems to show any negative actions. Actually, they probably receive training in this, as the grumbling customers might "go postal" if they were treated impatiently by the clerk. I admire her. Wonder if she'd like a box of chocolates for Valentine's Day?

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weaverpat said...

Hi Jo,
Made me think of other people who patiently do their job and receive little appreciation.
Thanks for reminding me-
I think I'll get some chocolate or at least a few 'thank you'cards!