Saturday, February 13, 2010

Grateful for a Loving Family

I hope that if you are reading my blog, it is because your life is also filled with many blessings to count. I don't intend for this to be a cyber version of the Christmas letters that used to come. Originally intended as a quick way to catch distant friends up on the events of a year, they were often satirized as bragging and boasting about the accomplishments of a family.

Our family is just an ordinary hard working one. My dh and I spent our years working with jobs as a teacher(me) and Boy Scout professional(he). He spent most of that career working as a Director of Camping, first in Kansas City and then for even more years here in Houston. We both loved much but not all of the work associated with those jobs. Nuff said about that.

Our daughter graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Technology degree from U of H. We are both proud of her and love her and our son-in-law as well. They have a home near us, which allows me to help watch our granddaughter, Olivia, for part of the week. She is a perfect grandchild. ;) Don't stand still or I'll pull out a picture!

Sincerely hoping that your family is one filled with the ordinary love that comes of having love and respect for each other...

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