Monday, June 11, 2012

I Believe Pinterest Is a Positive Diet Tool for me

Although I have been losing weight, I think that Pinterest was a positive tool in that transformation. So far down 30 lbs.

I have two boards, one is called 2012 goals and the other is holiday treats, which helped me to reaffirm my goals everyday, (sometimes several times a day) :)

As I sat looking at the kaleidoscope of pins, I could eat the desserts with my eyes, and meanwhile pin them to my holiday treats board. I am a recovering overeater, and will be the rest of my life. I do better knowing that I can choose any luscious treat in that folder for bringing to a holiday get together.

Another interesting thing to me, is that after an hour or so of pinning, I'm either famished or feel like I couldn't eat for a week. Having a small snack scheduled at the times of mid morning and mid afternoon, just as I start viewing pinterest is another habit, is another way it has been supporting habit change. It has been fun to look at all the wonderful things people find, and repin them for possible use later...

Anyone looking in at my pinterest folders currently, would wonder about the validity of this post. I'm not having much luck changing the folder if pinning to Ipad, so gave up trying. Best intention is to go back in and edit(sometime)....don't hold your breath! ;)


Maureen said...

Congraqts on your weight loss Jo and here's to continued success!

Farm Girl said...

How nice and that is wonderful Jo,
Good for you, that is quite a accomplishment, 30 pounds is great!!

Barefoot Primitives said...

Congrats sweetie! Quite an accomplishment! Been working on losing too...down 10...and 10 to go for sons Oct wedding...and just makes me feel better. Big ol hugs to ya darlin!

Aquarian Bath said...

I had to stop following a bunch of pinterest boards, because it was making drool.. all those darn cupcakes are so cute.