Sunday, July 1, 2012

Cindy Gay and rug finishing techniques

There are several great finishing tips, especially for corners, which can be problematic.... Found this article via Pinterest. If you finish rugs, I think you'll enjoy looking at her suggestions.  If you haven't tried out pinterest yet, you really should. If you need an invitation ask around and you should be able to easily find a friend who is already on there.

Happy 4th of July. I'll be sewing for a couple of months now. Houston, under a rug in the summer is just too HOT! :)


Farm Girl said...

I saw that lady's book just the other day on Amazon. It made me curious. Thanks on the tips on dying. It totally slipped my mind how much you know about it. Thanks for the tips you left for me. I have been reading everything I could about it and I have my color sheet to order dyes, Cushing I think, I just haven't done that yet because I am overwhelmed by all of the choices.
Thanks for telling me how to tone down the brightness. I have wondered how to do that.
I am doing a whimsical kind of rug right now and I needed really bright colors. But I do want to tone down the next bunch back to primitive. I have having a ball. I love dyeing it so much that I end up using all of my wool and I have to wait to order more.
I do love Pinterest very much too Jo. Have a great Fourth! My grandsons are so excited for sparklers. :)

Cotton Eyed Jo said...

Kim, another great way to prim up your colors is to use colorwheel opposites, like orange and purple in the side mixture.(Not sure I'd dump them in with the main batch, but to keep a consistent level of shading, measure out a set amount like a half cup the first time. Then you can easily work from there to a 1/4 cup if it is too dark, or 1 whole cup if you want them darker...

So glad you are enjoying the fun of dyeing. :) Don't forget about April's dye book when you get ready to do Cushings. Jo