Saturday, May 12, 2012

Know what is better than ... Mermaid Rug

I miss having my Playlist on Blogspot, but it apparently doesn't work anywhere other that playlist now. I've been hooking more than doing the computer, so I haven't a clue why. But such is our world hear today, gone tomorrow. My regrets that I can no longer share it with you, or have the fun of selecting a new version. :(

Buying a cutter that cranks out 6 beautifully cut strips with just a few turns of the handle?

Why-- hooking up a rug using those strips!  Promising a photo of a work in progress soon...
Mermaids will survive global warming! :)

The sky portion of the rug is hooked in various shades of my own formulas called "©Crawfish Boil" in my ©TX Palette  using the rug dyeing Techniques described by April DeConnick in The Wool Palette. The various shades of blue green in the oceans are the shades of my formula called "©Gulf Shores" in a variety of shades of blue green, and her tail showcases most of the shades of purples called "©Wine Cups"  named after another of my favorite roadside wildflowers in TX.

Know what is better than buying a new pair of zip up the front jeans?

Finally having the courage to try on a favorite old pair of jeans you loved and just couldn't ever throw away....and they are on the big side! Smiling nearly from ear to ear!


Farm Girl said...

That is so awesome!!!

Julia said...

Woo Hoo. Things are looking great in your household.
Congratulations on fitting in that old pair of favourite jeans. Looking forward to seeing that new rug. JB

moosecraft said...

Whoo-hoo is right! Congrats on zipping up those baggy "skinny jeans"... :-) So much hard work... but we all know you have the determination to succeed! :-) Love this mermaid! Great colors and great loops!

Barefoot Primitives said...

Yeah sweetie! What a great feeling on both counts! ;o)
Blessings my friend

Anonymous said...

Good for you Jo! I know how good it feels to shed 30 lbs...been there. Bet you're lookin great