Friday, August 12, 2011

A Great Tool for Beginning Quilters

I love to buy fabrics at   but now there is a really nifty new tool for beginning quilter's that have a hard time selecting fabrics. Check out the link above, and prepare to be dazzled. You might not use it right away, with the economy like it is, but save this link!


Maureen said...

I am one of those that finds coordinating the fabrics a challenge. lol in fact if you peeked in my closet you'd see that in my simple wardrobe too. Thanks for this link Jo!

Cotton Eyed Jo said...

I hope you do at least have some fun playing with the tool. Depending on how you drag the selected fabrics to the diagram, it changes up the yardage needed.

Do wish they'd let us drag our own choices into it tho...not that I should need any more fabric! :)