Saturday, August 27, 2011

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I've just started adding quite a few rubber stamps and stamping supplies like chocolate scented ink for reinking a brown stamp pad. At one time, I used stamps on student papers instead of stickers, for recognition of good work, such as a halo stamp that was stamped over 100% on a Spelling Test.

I had a tax license and then ordered stamps to share with other teachers. This had the down side of ending up with an additional stamp, if they were the only one interested, and the company had a required 2 as a minimum. But it was also a great way to get wonderful stamps to use, and I hauled them out at garage sales etc... but still have many that were unsold.

In addition, I got the most lovely feedback from a customer recently, after my Witches Pillow sold. :)
After nearly a year without being sold, I was about to give up on listing it again, so it was especially nice to read:

WOW!!! Lightning Speed Shipping of a Fantastic Piece! The Work put into this special Pillow! It is a work of Art! I love it!! Thank You for sharing Your Talent! Take Care,  (I've left off her name as I didn't ask permission to reveal who she is).

I've got permission from Prairie Schooler to stitch and sell some of her designs, only my hands working on these things. But after all the nonsense(to me and many other American citizens as well), I stitched up a small sampler, and some cabinet hangers from her American Primitive Book 8.
One of her requests is that I provide a link to her website, and since Ebay isn't allowing links off site in just a few days, I figured that this might still be in order.  It will be on my Etsy site sometime tomorrow or Monday. I've also come up with my own Tea Party design, so look for a cabinet hanger for them as well. That inspired me to complete an alphabet for the few letters I did use and need, so I'm now working on a Sampler design of my own. :)

If you've read down this far, and like Prairie Schooler designs, here is a link to her free one for July.  (A Christmas Tree). Plenty of time till Christmas if you start now!

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