Sunday, February 27, 2011

Wow does time fly!

It is a whole week since the last time I got in to post, but that week has been a busy one. Gpa and I made a trip to the zoo, with our favorite toddler. She had her third birthday on Saturday, and of course, I've been hooking as much as I could. Almost finished whipping a small Easter mat I made for her, will finish it this afternoon. It is a redeux of a mat from before I had control over my supplies.(learned to dye)Will post a before and after shot sometime soon.

This week looks to be almost as busy, as I'll be headed off to the Hankamer Hookin on Thursday - Saturday. This hook in is hostessed by Stash Sisters, the Atha Chapter that I attend once per month. This will be the anniversary of my first hook in ever attended, and my first exposure to wool vendors in the same room. I did fairly well last year, keeping my spending under $100. Not entirely by choice, ;), but it was just as easy to stop there as it would have been to stop anywhere below a $1000, and a good deal more realistic.  As in "Get Real", and I was saving up for my first rug camp at Tyler in May. Last year was a memorable one in my rug hooking life. Began dyeing as well as traveling for fun. This year, still working on finishing the last 3 of my 12 basic color wheel colors. In all honesty, I need to redye some of my favorites as well, but standing is more difficulty this year.

Our granddaughter's birthday will always be a good way to keep track of how many years I've been retired. She turned 1 the first year I retired, so that will always be a way to remember. 


Farm Girl said...

I can wait to see your color wheel and I am really interested in what you said, about dyeing your own cloth. Do you buy bolt of plain white wool now and just dye it as you need it? That makes a lot of sense to me but I was just wondering if that has made hooking easier?

Cotton Eyed Jo said...

Kim, that would probably have been the most economical way to do it. But I got it in dibs and dabs a yard or two at a time. I started off doing the 8 value strips in blue, as I wanted to make some Bluebonnets. Next was yellow, and called it Yellow Rose, and still do. They were combined to make my Hill Country Herbs (green). Red next, but then it was backtrack, to redo the blue, yellow, and green again. Since I use lots of these colors that turned out to be a good thing. Meanwhile, was learning more about dyeing and no longer quite the novice as in the beginning. After all, had dyed 6 whole times. a bit or irony there ~ but my understanding was beginning to grow. However, I also bought recently from Heavens to Betsy, one of the well known on line sources. 3 yeards of a beautiful shaded green plaid. It is the background for my floral rug.

Before that my wool supply was limited by what I could afford(still is) and what happened to show up on either ebay or at the local thrift store.

Julia said...

Jo, Happy Retirement Anniversary. I agree with you about the time flying by.

I've dyed my red today and I'm happy with the results.

I still need to buy a color wheel but so far I can check the web until I get a chance to buy one. JB

PrisNasonShartle said...

Gee, Jo...I wish I had your energy! I see things all the time and say, "I could do that!" And it's true I could....but alas, TIME is my biggest issue. I think I could write the great American novel if I had a small recorder (from the 60's) to catch my thoughts. Then I could record my book while sitting at the sewing machine! Multi-tasking.....PNS

Cotton Eyed Jo said...

Pris, dear ♥, just got cha fooled. We ate hot dogs or soup and sandwich for dinner most nights last week. My tail is generally draggin. Just don't want to call "Uncle"! ;)

You can run rings around me...Daisy troop? Need I say more! lol