Thursday, February 3, 2011

Have you got $25. to help rebuild our economy?

I'm currently in my fourth loan to    When I first heard about Kiva, the thing that attracted me was the idea of ordinary people putting a small amount into a loan to someone in the third world, where a relatively small amount of money might have huge leverage. This last time, I loaned money to a man in San Antonio, TX. He is a handyman who needed $$$ for parts and supplies. If he can grow his business, his family will have more to take care of their own needs, such as food, clothing, housing. If his business is really successful, he could hire an additional worker.

Currently there was only one loan that came up for the United States, and that is linked above. It is for a woman entrepreneur so for some of my readers that might be a plus.  But if you'd prefer Canada, Mexico, Haiti or another country it is relatively easy to join. They do take Paypal, and my $25 dollar donation has been repaid 3 times, and is in process of pay back now. When that is repaid, I'll loan it again. You might have more to invest in building our economy, or changing the life of a hard working woman or man somewhere in the world.

Why not check out   One loan at a time ordinary people can help change the world.

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Doris said...

What a wonderful idea!! Right now I'm helping support our 58 yr old daughter in Arizona, sending her money every month, but I really like this idea. We also send regular payments to our local humane shelter. Still, a one time $25 gift shouldn't be that hard.