Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Houston has two seasons.....Summer and February

Are you kidding me? Our temperature this morning is 18 degrees. With the 25 mph wind that means the wind chill brings it down to what we usually call our "feels like" temperature of 12!(above) Ya know when they say, "When Hell freezes over" well, that seems likely to occur this week!   Know some of you are laughing, my dh and I kinda snickered at the locals here when we came down to look for a home some 25 years ago. We had nice warm jackets, although we'd shed them by the end of that week as too warm. But folks were walking around with blazers and sweaters, no coats in sight....probably because like us now, no coats in the closet. First we kept them in a back closet, but eventually they didn't fit on the one week or so they were needed, so off to Good Will for somebody who could use them. 

If we get the 1-3 inches of snow this Friday as predicted it will be the first time ever in recorded weather history which goes back over a century that Houston has ever had snow 3 winters in a row. But our problems while possibly fatal to those who are homeless and can't or won't go into a shelter are nothing compared to what is going on in other parts of the country. So although I'm whining and complaining, I do have some understanding or rather in our case reactivation of memory of what winter really means! Hang in there, before long you'll read my whining and complaining about our summer that starts early and goes on for what seems like forever!


Farm Girl said...

No kidding it is that cold and you guys gave away your coats? I remember talking to a woman who moved to here from Houston and she was freezing to death. She said the by February everyone is back in shorts. If they ever got out of them. She was talking about getting up one morning and she didn't know about our fog and she looked out the window and she started yelling because she thought the neighborhood was on fire. She called her neighbor next door who explained about the fog.
I still laugh at that story. Well, stay warm and enjoy your snow. :)

Cotton Eyed Jo said...

Kim, this is the coldest, I ever remember for a morning temp. We didn't give our coats away until they were too small. Bluebell Ice cream is the world's best, and I've always been a connoisseur of frozen I enjoyed it right out of my coat within a couple years. In fairness, though it is great on a hot summer day!

Yep, fog down here is a rarity, unless you are on the south side of town nearer to the ship channel and refineries.

Have worn shorts and flip flops in late February myself. Hope that is true again this year!!!!

Doris said...

Love the Gibran (?) quote, plan to steal it for my facebook. Jo, we have so much in common, maybe because we're both "well balanced" Libras. hee hee