Sunday, August 9, 2015

What was old is new again :)

One of the benefits of living past middle age, is that all kinds of trendy things will be your second or perhaps even third exposure to the "paradigm", skills, and of course supplies.

Apparently macramé is becoming trendy again, especially catching my magpie eye is the type called micro macramé loved this pattern, and although it has been years since I knotted up plant hangers, bags, and belts ~ a little practice should have me up to speed. An alternate tutorial for a simpler bracelet project is

However, just now, I'm having a reunion with Rughooking. Summer has traditionally been my quilting time. And several projects are cut and ready for when school starts. :) yes, grandmother's look forward to that too. But last weekend, after a 4 day workshop with Diane Stoffel, my Rughooking jets got ready for ignition and lift off.

Ugh, I had hoped to post a pic directly from my iPad, but it will require an app when trying to do that from this end. I'll end for the moment, as I go do a workaround I'm able to do. :)


Kim said...

It's so true. Recently I've purchased some retro macrame plant hangers on etsy. I love them now yet remember mocking my mothers many years ago

Cotton Eyed Jo said...

Kim, I literally remember watching my mom do punch needle yarn rugs, but turning her offer to teach me down! Lol, still buried away in our memories, they catch our eye again. Pretty sure our granddaughter will love a bead bracelet. I get her to help me with design choices, picking fabrics for doll parts or pjs, she has a good eye already at 7 +

Farm Girl said...

Well that would be something as I loved the macrame bracelets. They were so cool to wear. I had my plant hangers for years. I bet I kept them in a box in my shed.
I am glad it is coming back in style.

Cotton Eyed Jo said...

Never thought og the friendship bracelets as macrame. Which, of course they are. I put the links on my blog so I could find the directions when it is closer to Christmas.

Thanks for being so kind as to leave comments, but even more so for your friendship over the years!