Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I had forgotten this website! for viewing the stars...


If you enjoy gazing at the stars, but have forgotten a lot of what you used to know and haven't used much recently   Earthsky.org is a great site. It gives you a head up on what you can look for, and what you are actually seeing. Those are both great things if you have young children or grandchildren around.

Even here in Houston, but at its northern reaches, you can see quite a bit of the night sky. But my best sky viewing ever was in Colorado on the western side of some mountains... amazing to actually be able to view the Milky Way.  White Star Campground near Aspen where we camped for a couple of nights when our daughter was a freshman in high school.

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Farm Girl said...

I love looking at the stars too.
My husband got a app for his Ipod that you point the camera at the sky to the star you don't know and it tells you what it is. That has helped so much too.
The best sky we saw was at the campground by the Meteor Crater in Arizona. It was so dark there we could see so much in the night sky.
I am glad you posted, I have been thinking about you and wondering how you have been doing. :)