Friday, March 2, 2012

Yikes, it is already March!

February was a busy month for us, as our granddaughter had her 4th birthday. This year our "leapling" had her party on Saturday the 25th, but the celebrations continued until the following Wednesday when there was a pizza party for her classmates, and cake... There can never be too much cake! Don't cha know!

My first pair of zip up the front jeans made an appearance at her birthday party. Okay, I did have to lie on the bed to get them completely zipped up, but I could still breathe and the legs had plenty of extra room in them - which kind of surprised me (in a good way!)

I've been working on a surprise for her. Her hooded towel for swimming this year has a monkey theme. So one day I was looking at it and thought that the middle monkey needed some "monkey britches". Not because I'm a nut about clothing naked animals...but her nickname from me is Monkey Britches. These monkeys were fun to add some bathing suits to, and picking out the fabrics to use was fun as well. I added a shiny bow to the monkey face on the hood, and then had to add some dragonfly charms to the back as well. Time to quit. :) No need to add one thing more. Except some warmer pool water. Before long our pool days will start another wonderful summer!


Joanne said...

Monkey britches - that's too cute -way to go on getting those jeans!

Cotton Eyed Jo said...

Her momma was the original monkey britches and her grandma is a Jonut! tee hee

Gotta keep on keeping on... :)

Primitives By The Light of The Moon said...

How cute are those Monkey's!!!!
I'm sure there will be a cute little Monkey using her Monkey towel once it warms up :)

Good for you for getting into those jeans....keep it up!