Sunday, August 22, 2010

Hoping Everyone has a Wonderful School Year!

Tomorrow another school year begins for teachers and students in my old school district Humble ISD and many others across Texas. I wish everyone a wonderful school year filled with homework done and turned in on time. An understanding that learning things really is fun and essential for life.

My retirement rug was completed a couple of years ago. After 36 years as a public school teacher, thousands of wonderful kids, (the ones who weren't so wonderful were generally dealing with some mighty big issues), and the chance to be an American school teacher during a time that spanned the year preceding the first Moon landing until the year Barack Obama was elected our President. From chalkboards to Journey North and the Jason Project it was quite a wonderful career.

I do wonder if our country will ever put the proper value on things. The $$$ spent on kids education and health care can never be too much.


Kim said...

Your retirement rug is great. What a wonderful keepsake.

Farm Girl said...

Well, you deserve a very nice retirement and I am sure that you blessed many, many people. I love what you said, "The ones who weren't so wonderful were generally dealing with some mighty big issues." My sister works in a school with kids who no one cares about or wants. She loves them and says, that is sometimes the only thing you can do, you sound like that kind of teacher and that means so much. I know as a young kid, my teachers saved my life.
Bravo to you! Also for the encouragement today.

Cotton Eyed Jo said...

Thanks! Teachers as a group deserve all the encouragement the rest of us can give them. Not every one is excellent, but most of them are trying to make a positive contribution to the future.

No offense to anyone intended, but if teachers ran Wall Street, they would have tried to help work out all the bad mortgages, not profited from them!