Friday, July 16, 2010

A sneek peek into my hooking basket :)

 I'm currently working on a Karen Kahle design called Waterlilies for our granddaughter's 3 rd birthday. I absolutely fell in love with this design at first sight. The pattern was available at a wonderful shop in Tyler, TX called THE NIMBLE THIMBLE. 
Maria helped me to color plan, but I've combined some of the new hand dyes in my personal palette. The waterlilies are in shades of my orange called Ruby Red, because it is a rather unexpected series of shades that reminded be of our(TX) delicious grapefruits..
The rug is coming along nicely to me, but then it's my own work, and like a child, it generally does. :) I am using a technique I admired that Carol used in her Santa rug. The froggies are hooked organically with movement, but the water is basically hooked in straight lines, except where it touches a frog... 

Although it is as hot as can be, KirbyKat has given this rug his blessing and approved it! Not every rug is worthy of a nap! :)

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